About Us
We are Fossil Avenue
FossilAvenue.com is staffed by paleontology professionals with over 40 years of collecting, preparation and curator experience. Many of the specimens that you see in our offerings are self collected and prepared. Our passion is field paleontology and our preparation is expert. We have spent years accumulating a large inventory of quality specimens and now we present them to you our fellow paleontology enthusiasts.Over the years our collecting adventures have led us to many interesting locations in Texas, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, and New Mexico. As we prepare new specimens from our extensive warehouse of fossils please be sure to check our website often to see new additions.We will strive to insure that every specimen that we present is properly represented as to quality and identity. Thank you for visiting our collection and we hope you find a treasure here for your own collection.
Our Favorites
Fossil turtles (Stylemys) from a variety of localities in the White River Group. These specimens are from our personal collection and represent some of the most perfect and interesting examples that we have gathered in our 40 years of collecting. See some of these in our Product Inventory.
Eocne Green River Formation fossils are among our specialties. We collect and prepare both flora and fauna from this famous lagerstatte. We offer many rare and beautiful examples
Ammonites are among our favorite fossils. We have collected and prepared ammonites from many localities throughout the western US.