LK Heteromorph Ammonite Idiohamites
Idiohamites fremonti
Duck Creek Fm. (Lower Cretaceous Albian)
Pecos County, Texas
The specimen seen here is an exceptional example of a rare heteromorph ammonite from the Duck Creek Formation of Pecos County. This genus is usually found as straight or hooked "candy cane" fragments 50-120 mm long. The circular to oval whorl section usually has a diameter of about 20 mm. Ribs are perpendicular or slightly oblique, ventrally prominent and obscure over the dorsal border. A tubercle is found on each side of the ventral margin of every second to forth rib. Occasionally tubercles are found below the mid-lateral position. They are almost never found with shell or suture pattern. A fragment of another ammonite (Craiginites?) is also in the matrix.