Jurassic Solnhofen Dragonfly
Libellilium longialatum
Solnhofen Limestone
Upper Jurassic (Tithonian)
Near Eichstatt, Germany
This slab of lithographic limestone contains a beautiful fossilized dragonfly from the Jurassic of Germany. The specimen has good relief and the eyes, legs and wings have good detail. The wingspan is over 11 cm. and the body is 9 cm.

Libellulium is one of the most common and most beautiful dragonflies found in the plattenkalks. They are almost always fossilized with their relatively broad wings fully spread. Wingspans range between 10 and 13 cm. This insect is especially attractive when its wing veins are dyed to a brownish color by iron oxide. The genus was formerly known as Cymatophlebia.