Eocene Green River Gyrocarpus
Gyrocarpus sp.
Green River Formation
Middle Eocene
Lincoln County, Wyoming
This is a very fine example of the fossil laurel relative Gyrocarpus. The specimen seen here has marvelous detail. The leaf is actually complete but one of the lobes is folded over and it appears missing. The venation is distinct and the leaf is a large 17 cm not counting the stem. This example from our collection is museum quality. This specimen was collected from the 18 inch layer.
Gyrocarpus can be quite large and well preserved and may show from one to three lobes. They probable grew along the shoreline of the ancient lake. The Order Laurales and Family Hernandiaceae is today represented by about 60 species living in tropical regions around the world. The Eocene form is one of the earliest known examples from the fossil record.